Bariatric Surgery in Chennai

One of the common problem that todays generation facing is overweight or obesity. The main reason behind this is our changing lifestyle. The use of junk foods and improper exercise all makes our body fatty and this will cause health loss. In some situations exercise and diet alone often fails to effectively treat people with extreme and excessive obesity.

Bariatric Surgery in Chennai

Bariatric surgery is the right option that is performed in order to help such individuals to lose their weight.

The basic principle of bariatric surgery is to restrict food intake and decrease the absorption of food in the stomach and intestines. This surgery is designed to alter or interrupt the digestive process so that food is not broken down and absorbed in the usual way. The reduction in the amount of nutrients and calories absorbed enables patients to lose weight and decrease their risk for obesity related health problems or disorders.

Bariatric surgery can be performed for all kinds of patients except who have unstable heart conditions or untreated angina, or people with abnormal personalities.

Benefits of Bariatric surgery :

  • Weight loss
  • Improved health
  • Improved mood and quality of life

Dr Balachandran Premkumar, senior consultant – General minimal access and bariatric surgeon with 12 year experience provides you the best and advanced Bariatric Surgery in Chennai at affordable and reasonable cost. The areas in which he specialized includes

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