A souvenir of the changing lifestyle, obesity has become a common phenomenon around the world. A product of digestive disorders and unhealthy eating habit, it has assumed dangerous proportions, leading to several other diseases. With regular diet and exercise being time consuming, people are seeking medical treatments for obesity, one of the most popular of them being the bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is a quick weight loss technique and is done in people who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 32.5 and above. People who are suffering from obesity related issues like sleep apnoea, hypertension and high diabetes are said to opt for this treatment method. Women facing menstrual irregularities and infertility issues due to obesity can be cured by bariatric surgery as well. It is not generally recommended for people having untreated angina or unstable heart conditions, psychological issues and the sort.

Bariatric surgery is said to create a positive impact on Type 2 diabetes patients. This is because bariatric surgery normalises the hormonal imbalance effectively making the amount of insulin produced sufficient for the body. Thus, most diabetes patients who have undergone the surgery are said to have normal blood sugar levels without the help of any medication.

The treatment methodology of bariatric surgery is initiated with a couple of tests to determine the liver, lungs, kidney and heart functions of the patient. Cholesterol levels are also checked. Any abnormalities are cleared before the conduct of surgery. The patient can be discharged the same day or within 24 hours after the surgery.

The success of the surgery mainly depends on the lifestyle and eating habit of the patient after surgery. Regular exercise and small doses of protein rich food are recommended. Oil massages, vitamin rich food, and regular intake of water are sufficient for skin tightening which is required after the fat loss. Renowned in the field of gastroenterology, Dr. Prem Kumar offers advanced treatment for gastro-intestinal problems. Based in Chennai, he is an expert in all digestive system disorders related to pancreas, liver, biliary system and intestines.

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